Saturday, April 28, 2012

April Update

Hello blog readers. My new (financial) year's resolution, is to do more regular updates for the blog.

April has been a busy month - aren't they all. Steph's parents came over in March and were still here for the beginning of April. We got a bicycle 'chariot' for Alexander  - basically, something for him to sit in and be towed behind a (my) bike. We took our first trip in it to the beach, and I took him out again the following day. Now he keeps asking to go in it. Hopefully it will get a lot of use this summer.

Today we paid a visit to Granville Island out our morning swim. Ocean Cement had their annual open day. If you haven't been to Vancouver and Granville Island you're probably wandering what I'm talking about but it was great fun, despite the uncooperative weather.

Next weekend we're off to Las Vegas for the weekend. It's a work trip but Steph and Alexander, and all 'other halts' get to come too. I think it will be hot.

Below are a few photo highlights from the month.

At beach near Comox on Vancouver Island.

Miracle Beach, north of Comox on Vancouver Island. Alexander and Nanny and Grandad.

Milk is yummy. In a cafe in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.

Third Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver. After the first ride in the new 'chariot'.

Its Easter. It must be egg eating time. (Not too much, honest.)

Today on Granville Island. Although Alexander is obsessed with 'diggers' he was, perhaps understandably, reluctant to stand in the bucket of this one.

Alexander test drives a cement truck. With balloon.

Back from the Cement Factory Open Day, Alexander takes a break, while still holding his balloon!

Back on the beach in Comox, Alexander is still smiling!